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Become an ODPM Volunteer

Contribute to Transforming the Disaster Management Landscape in Trinidad and Tobago


Become an ODPM Volunteer Today!

The ODPM is taking an All of Society approach to building disaster resilience in Trinidad and Tobago. If you have a passion for helping others, especially in times of difficulty, and would like to give of your time and talents to this national cause, please enrol to become an ODPM Volunteer using this ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

The ODPM’s Volunteer Programme aims to develop a pool of skilled persons who can support a comprehensive approach to disaster management. These individuals will also be trained to assist national efforts in times of a disaster.

Volunteers will support the ODPM in all areas of disaster risk management, which are aligned to the ODPM’s organisational structure. The units comprising the ODPM are: Preparedness and Response, Mitigation, Planning and Research, Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit, Administrative Support and Finance, and Project Management. The programme however is designed to allow persons to specialise in various areas. As a volunteer after a period of training, you will be able to align your competences to your specific interest.


Below is a summary of the activities that Units undertake:

  1. Preparedness and Response
    • Supporting community drills and exercises
    • Assisting in developing emergency plans for communities and organisations
    • Assisting in distributing disaster relief items and supplies
    • Providing support to conduct shelter inspections
    • Supporting relief and recovery exercises
    • Assisting with Recreational club support and coordination
    • Using Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) to conduct reconnaissance and damage assessments.
    • Managing supply chains

  1. Mitigation Planning and Research
    • Supporting risk identification & vulnerability assessments
    • Compiling hazard impact data
    • Generating community hazard maps
    • Supporting national early warning systems and national alerting
    • Identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities


  1. Public Information Education and Community Outreach
    • Supporting the implementation of disaster risk reduction education strategies, inclusive of school outreaches and community resilience programmes
    • Supporting crisis communications, public information dissemination and maintaining the ODPM’s digital media pages as journalists, web developers, graphic artists and more

  1. Administration/Finance/Human Resources/Information and Communication Technologies
    • Assisting in the managing of day-to-day operations of the volunteer programme
    • Addressing the immediate needs of volunteers
    • Assisting with Administrative matters
    • Providing disaster/emergency communications
    • Converting field data into actionable information and intelligence


  • Project Management
    • Assisting with planning projects
    • Assisting with developing schedules
    • Monitoring and reporting on projects’ progress
    • Developing budgets


Why should I volunteer?

When you volunteer at the ODPM, you are utilising your talents and skills to make meaningful changes in the lives of others. You are helping families, friends and communities strengthen their capacity against hazard-related events. Most importantly, you are helping to save lives while also making Trinidad and Tobago more disaster resilient. You will be fostering your sense of purpose, boosting your self-esteem and making a genuine impact in your country.

Can my child(ren) become a volunteer too?

The current programme seeks applicants who are 18 years and over. However, in the future the ODPM will be developing a volunteer programme specifically designed for our youth. That programme will assist in building their self-esteem and self-confidence, as well as promote national values and civic mindedness. Further information will be provided prior to the launch of that programme.

Will volunteers be provided with training?

Yes, all prospective volunteers will undergo a series of training sessions coordinated by the ODPM and other stakeholders to promote an understanding of the disaster management landscape in Trinidad and Tobago. Training will also be provided in other skills to increase your competences.

In 2018, I signed up to be a volunteer.  Will I have to sign up again?

Yes, persons who registered prior to 2019 will need to re-register using the new registration form. You may access the NEW REGISTRATION FORM HERE.


Still have a question that was unanswered, then please send an email to so that a member of our team may assist.




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