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Water levels in rivers contained but occasional showers are expected

In its 12:00 pm Bulletin, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service indicated that Trinidad and Tobago will be affected by both local and unstable conditions and the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). These conditions are expected to produce occasional showers and isolated thundershowers which are expected to last for most of the day and continue into the night. Water levels in the main rivers remain contained at this time. (The water levels in the Caroni River are below capacity and dropping at this time) However, depending on the rainfall intensity experienced, there is the chance of overspill in water courses. There is also a heightened possibility of landslides occurring due to the existing waterlogged conditions of the soil.

The ODPM, in its role as the coordinator and manager of crises and emergencies, has already alerted the first responder agencies so that assistance can be rendered if necessary. The National Emergency Operations Centre of the ODPM remains activated to coordinate emergency response and relief to those affected. The ODPM continues to monitor the water levels in the country’s rivers and will advise accordingly.

Shelters have been activated in the following areas in the event that an evacuation is necessary.

These are:

  • Williamsville Junior Secondary School
  • Gasparillo High School
  • Waterloo High School
  • Eastern Regional Indoor Sporting Facility

We continue to remind citizens who have incurred damages and losses are to contact their municipal corporation. Citizens who wish to make donations of any kind must also do so at their respective municipal corporation.

The ODPM continues to remind citizens of the following:-

  • Be extra vigilant and cautious at this time
  • Elevate valuables and place important documents in sealed containers or bags
  • Look out for collapsed pavements and fallen rocks
  • Do not walk / drive through flood waters
  • Be cautious when walking along hillsides

We continue to underscore that Trinidad and Tobago is not under any Tropical Storm threat, watch or warning.

Further information will be provided as soon as it becomes available.

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