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Strong possibility that high water levels can cause severe flooding

In its 3:30 p.m Flood Bulletin, the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service has indicated that continued rainfall activity for the day in various areas, has produced high water levels in a number of Trinidad’s rivers and water courses. These include the Caroni River, Cipero River, North Oropouche and South Oropouche Rivers.

Additionally, if prolonged rainfall occurs, there is the very strong possibility that the above-mentioned rivers may overspill their banks producing severe riverine flooding. (Of immediate concern at this time, are residents who live in the Caroni River Basin). Moreover, in light of the fact that at this time, the ground in a number of areas remains saturated, rapid run off can occur causing street/flash flooding. Given the severity of riverine flooding and flash flooding, the ODPM is in the process of activating and furnishing relief shelters to deal with any eventuality.

Corporation or the ODPM at 800 ODPM (6376). The ODPM continues to advise the following:-

  • Stay calm but remain vigilant and cautious at this time
  • Secure valuables and all important documents in waterproof containers or bags
  • Elevate all appliances and valuable items
  • Turn off all utilities such as electricity, gas and water at the main switches. Do not touch electrical equipment
  • Secure all pets and livestock
  • Do not walk / drive through flood waters unless absolutely necessary
  • Park vehicles in places that will not become easily inundated
  • Be aware of possible landslides and landslips.

The ODPM, as the coordinator and manager of emergencies has alerted the first responder agencies (Municipal Corporations, the TT Fire Service and TT Defence Force) to render continued assistance as required. The National Emergency Operations Centre of the ODPM remains activated to coordinate immediate relief and assistance to those that may be affected.

Please note that Trinidad and Tobago is NOT under any Tropical Storm threat, Watch or Warning.

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