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Tuesday 28th June 2022

Issuance Time: 11:00 am

Tropical Storm Message Type: Alert


A Tropical Storm Warning remains in effect for Trinidad and Tobago. A Tropical Storm Warning means that tropical storm conditions (sustained winds of 63 km/h or greater) are likely over the warning area within 36 hours or less. At 11:00 am this morning, the centre of Potential Tropical Cyclone Two (PTC2) was located near 9.8ºN latitude 57.5ºW longitude or about 380 km East of Trinidad. PTC2 is moving toward the west at 37 km/h and a west to north-westward motion is expected over the next few days. The system is now forecast to pass near or over portions of the southern Windward Islands by this evening and tropical storm conditions are now likely from 6pm this evening. Ahead of the system, isolated afternoon heavy showers/thunderstorms can develop, which can produce gusty winds in excess of 55 km/h.

As PTC2 moves over the islands this evening into tonight, it is likely to produce periods of heavy to intense showers and/or thunderstorms that can result in rainfall accumulations in excess of 100 mm in some areas and wind gusts in excess of 70km/h. These wind gusts are capable of breaking tree branches, displacing unsecured roofs and loose outdoor objects, and can even topple over unhealthy trees. Heavy rainfall can produce ponding and localized flash flooding. Marine activities can be adversely affected, as sea conditions will become rough with wave heights reaching occasionally above 3m in open waters and choppy in sheltered areas. The risk of landslides/landslips is likely in areas so prone.


Prepare to protect lives, livelihood, and property. Plan your evacuation to a shelter if it becomes necessary. Always have emergency supplies of food and water on standby. Secure loose outdoor items and livestock. Do not wade or drive through floodwaters. Pre-position sandbags if your area floods and monitor river levels. Those with marine interest should exercise extreme caution. Follow the instructions of Government Officials. More information:


To view the entire version of the TTMS Public Warning on the Tropical Storm Alert#7, please click here.



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