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ODPM urges citizens to be calm and safe during adverse weather


In light of the issuance of a bulletin by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service that adverse weather conditions associated with Tropical Storm Isaac will continue to persist today, the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) urges citizens to remain calm and vigilant. While heavy rainfall, lightning and high winds are expected, Trinidad and Tobago is currently not under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning.

Citizens are asked to take note of the following:

1.      Persons heading into Port of Spain are advised to delay their travel by four (4) hours. Persons already in Port of Spain should stay in a safe place until further word from authorities.

2.      If you have been impacted call our Emergency Contact Centre at 511 to make a report.

3.      If your home is located in a flood or landslide prone area, move to a safe area well before flood waters rise and become impassable.

4.      DO NOT attempt to walk through flood waters. (As little as 6 inches/15 centimetres of water can make you fall.

5.      DO NOT drive into flooded areas. If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground if you can do so safely.

Again, Trinidad and Tobago is not under any tropical storm threat, watch or warning. The ODPM is closely monitoring the situation and will notify the public of any further updates.



Issued by:-Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit

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