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Flood relief efforts ongoing


Relief efforts in the areas affected by the torrential rainfall on Saturday 11th August which caused severe flooding and landslides in Northwest Trinidad are ongoing and continue to be coordinated by the Diego Martin Regional Corporation. The Emergency Operations Centre of the Diego Martin Regional Corporation has been activated to coordinate all government agencies providing disaster response, recovery & rehabilitation until the impacted areas have been returned to a satisfactory level of normalcy.

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), a division of the Ministry of National Security, is monitoring the situation through daily operational briefs and other activities and will continue to advise on the current operations to ensure rehabilitation and reconstruction are in line with Disaster Risk Management Principles.

The Diego Martin Regional Corporation has assured residents that over the next few days, the various agencies will continue to work assiduously until all affected areas are cleaned and access restored to homes, communities and main access routes.

The ODPM wishes to remind persons wishing to donate goods and services to contact the Emergency Call Centre at 511 or visit the Diego Martin Regional Corporation office at 143-144 North Post Road, Diego Martin, where they will be briefed and assigned by authorized Corporation staff.


Issued by:-

Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit

868 640 1285 ext 14414/


For more information, please contact: -

Dr. Stephen Ramroop at 789-2779 or 354-7119

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