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Cleaning After A Flood

Cleaning your home after a flood:

 1)      If there is still water in your home protect yourself by wearing rubber boots and gloves.

2)      On entering your home, look out for broken sharp objects on the floor and anything you may trip over before moving on to restoration.

3)      Turn off the electricity off at the breaker boxand get all electrical appliances and extension cords up on higher ground and dry them out.

4)      Wash downany areas of the home that came into contact with flood waters with a mixture of household bleach and water (25 % bleach to water solution) to reduce surface damage and health problems.

5)      Wash and dry everythingyou possibly can after a flood. Wash and dry soaked bedding, towels, and any items of clothing using the hot sanitizing cycle on your washing machine.

6)      Clean all affected surfaces thoroughly. Wash all surface area damage, such as walls, cabinets, basement floors (include areas that were not in direct contact with flood waters) with the bleach solution. Then wipe down again with plain water.

7)      Remove all dry wall up to two (2) ft above flood levels on wall and remove all insulation which came into contact with flood waters. Keep ventilating with fresh air until the house is completely dry.

8)      Have a professional inspect your plumbing and electrical systems after a flooding event. Replace all filters and switches.


If you or anyone you know was impacted by the inclement weather please contact either your municipal corporation or the 511 Emergency Call Centre

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