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Vigilance and caution are required

In light of this morning’s forecast by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service which advised of moderate to heavy showers and thundershowers for the period this afternoon and tonight in Trinidad, Tobago and the Windward Islands, we advise all citizens to continue to exercise caution at this time. If you notice rising water levels or any sudden land movements, please take all action to preserve life and property. 

All first responders continue to be on alert and ready to assist citizens that may be adversely affected.
Citizens are reminded of the following:-
• Stay calm and vigilant.
• Do not walk or drive through flood waters. Stay inside until water levels have subsided.
• Remove all valuables out of flood waters as soon as possible.
• Ensure that any persons in wheelchairs are above water level.
• Be cautious when driving on wet roads, along hillsides or in landslide prone areas.

We urge citizens that have been affected by flooding to contact their municipal corporation or the ODPM at 800 6376. 

At this time, we wish to emphasize that Trinidad and Tobago is not under any TROPICAL STORM THREAT, WATCH OR WARNING.

                                                   Issued by the Public Information, Education and Community Outreach Unit. 

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