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Oil like substance spilled off the coast of Gaspar Grande


Monday January 23, 2012 – 4:00 p.m.


Oil like substance spilled off the coast of Gaspar Grande


This morning, LNG Vessels off the western coast of Gaspar Grande reported the presence of an oil like substance in the coastal waters. Aerial reconnaissance was performed by officials from the Ministry of Energy and four vessels were seen in the vicinity. The Environmental Management Agency will perform tests on samples of the substance and compare with samples taken from the ships in the locality of the spill to determine the source of the leakage.


Approximately seven plumes were observed through the aerial surveillance, with an approximate spill area of one to two miles in diameter. The substance is not believed to be oil and poses no serious threat to the coastal area as it not moving towards the coast at this time. However, members of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard are stationed around the area to monitor any changes that may occur.


The public will be updated on this situation as more information is received.



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