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ODPM MEDIA RELEASE - Sangre Grande Hindu School tops the ODPM's 2nd Annual National Primary Schools Quiz

Priority # 3 - Using knowledge, innovation and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels.


Sangre Grande Hindu School tops ODPM’s 2nd Annual National Primary Schools Quiz

On Wednesday December 14, fourteen primary schools competed for the challenge trophy in the ODPM’s 2nd Annual National Primary Schools Quiz. The Finals of this Quiz, which focused on themes and topics in all aspects of comprehensive disaster management, took place at the San Fernando Room, Crowne Plaza in Port of Spain.

Following the ‘knock-out’ and final rounds which were filled with approximately three hours of self-assured responses and moments of anxiety, Sangre Grande Hindu School, emerged as top performers of the day. Sacred Heart Girls R.C. School, last year’s champions, took second place with Caroni Hindu School in third place. Special prizes were also awarded to Sacred Heart Girls R.C. School for “Most Outstanding Essay” and to Sangre Grande Hindu School for “Most Creative Essay.” Other schools from both rural and urban areas in Trinidad and Tobago also participated in this event.

This Quiz is in keeping with the theme of this year’s United Nations International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, Step up: Children and Young People as Partners in Disaster Risk Reduction. The ODPM firmly believes that children possess immense creativity and energy and naturally have the will to make a positive difference. Moreover, if children are empowered and provided with the resources and opportunity to take action, they will become the catalysts of simple yet effective strategies to make their homes safer and create resilient communities.

Schools Supervisor III, in charge of the Port of Spain District of the Ministry of Education Jenny-Lynn Cyrille stated that “the Ministry of Education is honoured to be part of this initiative because it ensures that children are more aware and knowledgeable about the threats which face them.” She further stated that “it is our fervent hope that the knowledge gained will be spread to other classmates, friends, families and the communities.”

In his remarks, Dr. Stephen Ramroop, Chief Executive Officer of the ODPM affirmed that children and young people have an important role to play in disaster risk reduction. He indicated to the young students and their teachers that the ODPM’s ultimate aim is to build a culture of safety and resilience in Trinidad and Tobago; this Quiz was one of the ways to get the youth involved in the creation of one such society. He reminded them all that “the young bamboo plants in Asia are resilient because they bend under pressure; they never break. Therefore, after a hazard impact, you must be like those young bamboo plants which are strong and resilient able to bounce back.” He underscored that we can only be resilient by educating ourselves about our risks, taking appropriate action and being prepared and ready to act.

The ODPM recognises the important role of the youth in disaster risk reduction and it is for this reason that we continue to implement strategies geared toward the youth and aimed at increasing their involvement in disaster risk reduction.



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