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ODPM commemorates World Children’s Day

Today November 20th 2020, the ODPM joins with the rest of the international community in commemorating World Children’s Day.

Children are among the most vulnerable to disasters, thus it is critical to educate them on how they can prepare for and cope with disasters, build their resilience and know how to identify and reduce their risk.

The ODPM recognises the benefits of Disaster Risk Management training and education for children through our outreach initiatives such as the Safer Schools Programme and through our partnership with the Digicel Foundation under the Preparing You! Programme. These initiatives are used by the ODPM as vehicles to build the capacity of children including those with special needs. Through such programmes we are ensuring that future generations have the skills and knowledge to cope with an ever changing climate and extreme weather events.

While COVID-19 has prevented continuation of the face to face delivery of the Safer Schools Programme, the joint Digicel Foundation/ODPM Preparing You! Programme continues virtually. A re-envisioning of the Safer Schools Programme is underway.

Children are not just our future but hold the key to building a culture of preparedness in Trinidad and Tobago. The ODPM continues to work with its partners such as principals, teachers, parents and caregivers, in strengthening our commitment to preparing and safeguarding the lives of our children.

Celebrate World Children’s Day with your child or children by teaching disaster risk management with these simple activities.


Photo Caption 1: Children at Cascade School for the Deaf learning about items necessary for an Emergency Kit.


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