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On Thursday 1st October 2020 the ODPM along with representatives of the Ministry of Works and Transport (MOWT) Drainage Department, continued to conduct site visits in communities impacted by the recent flooding in the Tunapuna/Piarco region. During the tour the combined team were welcomed by residents from areas such as Arouca Five Rivers and Bon Air North. These residents got their opportunity to describe to the team how the flooding impacted their homes, businesses and communities. Residents expressed their appreciation to the team for the visit as well as being able to voice their concerns.
The team recorded their observations and made recommendations for further discussion with relevant state agencies over the flooding issues. Following the tour of the residential areas, the team went on further to investigate the impact of the heavy rainfall on the upper river courses in the Arouca region.
The fact-finding mission comprised of the ODPM’s Regional Coordinator Denise Anderson, Planning and Development Officer Anwar Baksh, GIS Specialist Brett Lucas, MOWT Drainage Division Superintendent Henderson Barban and Drainage Division Supervisor Roshan Bachan. The ODPM has been coordinating a number of multi-agency Flood Disaster Risk Reduction Projects. These projects aim to identify vulnerabilities in flood affected communities and to reduce the impact of flooding in the most susceptible areas.
The Office aims to continue coordinating these prevention and mitigation activities with other state agencies in order to help alleviate the flooding problems faced by communities.



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